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Yukon kit with Warn Hubs

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I had a hub bearing go out on my truck about 5 weeks ago and luckily I had been saving my money for a free spin kit before this happened. I went with the Yukon kit and I also did U joints and XRF ball joints at the same time. Damn those ball joints were trashed and such a PITA to get off. The hub bearings were trashed too but actually not as difficult as I thought to get off. I just used a small sledge and beat them off.

Total cost of about $2,400 or so and about 18 hours total labor which included a few trips to the parts store and over an hour to have the wheel studs pressed in and having the new u joints installed by a shop. I could probably do it in less than half the time if I had to do over again. About $1750 for the Yukon kit plus shipping, $235 for ball joints, $50 to have the wheel studs and axle u joints pressed in, $15 for a seal I put on backwards, $25 for the 4x4 axle socket, $60? or so for the new u joints and $80 for new front brake pads. Oh yeah, and $55 for a 4.5" hole saw...

First off, the instructions that come with the kit are junk. Just look at the expanded parts page, it's way easier to follow. It's hard to tell which way the seals go

WOW, the steering is so much lighter and the truck tracks to much better (probably those new ball joints).

I don't have any mileage numbers yet but I didn't buy it for the mileage.

These things are pretty strong. I basically ran over a Honda in the parking lot the other day. It knocked my hub cap off and that was it. I guess these Warn hubs are pretty tough.

I'm loving this kit so far. I do miss just being able to throw it into 4x4 without getting out but it was worth getting rid of the stupid stock hub bearings. I have a few more pics that I will upload soon
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Cool upgrade!!! I've been Wanting to do the same mod plus rebuild the front end all at once but the funds might not meet up as fast asthe NEED...ScottyO.
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