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Your next dually?

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Could this be your next RAM. It would be better with windows.


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It looks like Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars episode 6. "Its a trap!"
WAYYYYY too ugly to be my "truck"....couldn't tow a 5er with it, so it is of zero significance to me. zip, nil, nada
Used to see quite a few Ford dually van chassis with flat beds on them.

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Looks really "pissed off"
stay out of it's way
Well, if you wanted you tow you could order it in a cab and chassis and you would have mini-semi. It would not be my choice, but it looked like an interesting concept. far as vans go. Will there be a genuine Mopar "Free Candy" sign available?
My God thats ugly.
Reminds me of a
In 4WD, that would make a helluva Class B motorhome......
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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