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You know that you are a diesel enthusiast when

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I saw this at and had to posr this here.

You know you are a Diesel Enthusiast when......

1) You can decipher the sound of a Powerstroke, Cummins, or Duramax from 100 yards away without seeing the truck. You can also tell the difference just by sound from the 7.3 to the 6.0 Powerstroke and a 2nd generation Cummins 12v/ 24v engine to the common rail motors in the 3rd Generation.

2) You have your pass side mirror permanently tilted down, so you can see the smoke dump out the tailpipe at every intersection.

3) You have to look at the same mirror every time you start your Diesel, just to see the first puff of smoke.

4) Your friends think you are weird because every full sized truck that goes by catches your attention, and you are breaking your neck trying to see if you can see "Powerstroke" "Cummins" or "Duramax" written anywhere on it. And then when you find out it's only a 1/2 ton you are pissed you even bothered.

5) You think it's lame to haul or pull any sized trailer with anything but a Diesel.

6) You back your truck downwind, and idle so you can get a sent of the diesel smell.

7) When you pull into a drive-through, you take it as a compliment when they tell you to turn your motor off because it's too loud.

8) when you are not in your Diesel and roll up to a stop light, and roll down the windows to listen for other oncoming diesels.

9) Someone comments to you how loud your truck is and you reply, with a grin and a chuckle, "Ain't it, though!"

10) Regardless of outside temperature, you still roll down the passenger window when in tunnels, under bridges, or beside walls, just so you can listen to your truck.

11) ... when you get into a gasser that is idling and try to start it.

12) don't you guys hate it when you jump into another truck (non diesel) and you turn the key to the "run" position and out of habit look and wait for the "wait to start" light? .

13) when the opening line from your family/friends is.."so what'd you do to your truck THIS week?"

14) Your wife's car won't start and you go to the dealer and buy 2 batteries...

15) When you and your daughter try to pick out the Cummins powered school buses at school sporting events and then argue over which is a twelve valve.

16) When you make your wife or girlfriend or buddy drive your truck down the road, just so you know what it sounds like from the outside.

17) Your wife's friend comes over with her two new babies, you hear 'twins' and you come runnin' in the house all greasy from just being under your truck wanting to see a couple of Holset's and it's only two drooly babies who happen to look alike.

18) Your idea of a kick stereo system is the business end of a set of dual stacks.

19) You Are SERIOUSLY considering putting that single stack through your hood!

20) When you jump out of the truck after shut off and stick your ear to the tailpipe just to here the turbo spinning.

21) When you find yourself polishing your turn down pipe whenever you get a little mud on it.

22) When your girlfriend gets hit on by some guy in a truck and she says "its not even a diesel".

23) You refuse to let people pay you after they "allow" you to work on their Diesel.

24) When your ol lady asks why you have to always back into a parking space, even when your in her car!

25) When your rather wax the truck than taker her to a movie.

26) When you have a better selection of filters on the shelf than she has seasonings on the pantry shelf!

27) When you make a wide right turn while driving a car

28) When your wife or girl says "Did you see the paint job on that pick-up we just passed?", and you say "Oh, it wasn't a diesel, I didn't notice".

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HAHAHAHA I do number 12 in my suburban all the time.
hahahaha i always love this one. i fall for a lot of them ... especially 4,5,and 19
yeah im pretty much guilty 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10,11 many many many times lol, 12,16,19 oh yeah verrrrryyy seriously thinkin about it lol, im a freak lol
That is just great best thing ive read in a long time :lol3::lol3::lol3:
Im guilty of a lot of them..:w: I drive diesels at work and as my POV. I jump in my friends 1500 and try to start it while running all the time I will eventually remember its a gasser.:lol3:
how true they are!
hahahahahaha I do nearly every single one of these on a regular basis!
My friends have all started complaining about how annoying it is when i do #4 because I do it so often
lol I do 12 the most annd hate it i also do #2,3 is a must.I pretty mush do all of them lol I love the drive through one its even better when the person in front of you ask you to turn your truck off.:lol3:
#2!!! except its up for my stack :)
thats great man, and to think i thought i was one of the only ones to do that kinda crap, GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!!

WE ARE BROTHERHOOD AT IT'S BEST!:beer:woot: edit:and sisterhood or FAMILY
haha 2, 7, 9, 12, 16, and for laughs iv done 28 before. LOL
:lol3: them are funny, and very true :rof
They need to add one on there: when driving a non diesel you freak every time it revs past 3200 RPM.
that's pretty funny. i like it when my wife asks how much gas did you put in it. she always gets mad when i say none.
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