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I have a set of 20" XD SPY 797 rims and one is bad.

here is the findings. one of my tires has been loosing air slowly and then it progressed to going flat over night. after investigation i found that the air was seeping through the rim on the back side about an inch from the bead seat lip in to the center of the rim there is another step in the rim. I removed the paint from both sides of the rim the outside looked good but the inside had a hair line crack about 2 inches long. in the hair line cracked area the aluminum was very porous. It looks like a bad cast rim to me, this spot in the rim has porosity in it or something.

Has any one came across this? is there a fix?

the other part in this i bought these brand new 6 years ago and i park the truck indoors in the winter so these things look like show room new still.

what name brand of rims are better than others for quality and durability?

Does HP play in account to rim choice?


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