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XD Monsters 20s and Nitto Terra Grapplers 325s

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I have a set of 20x9 +18 offset XD Monsters Matte Black with mounted Nitto Terra grapplers LT325/60/20. My truck has 24,500 to date the tires and wheels were put on around 10K. The rims are in great condition and the tires as well with at least 75% tread left.

Website with new sale prices:
Nittos $406.99 $1627.96
Monsters $242.91 $971.64
Total $2599.60
Nittos $402.23 $1608.92
Monsters $241.16 $964.64
Total $2573.56
Nittos $409.00 $1656.00
Monsters $248.00 $992.00

These prices do not include mounting and balancing.
These have been off the truck for about 2 weeks.
Never seen snow or salt.
No off roading.

My Price $2100

Please Text Vincent For Pictures
[email protected]
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Bump. Want to sell.
Just a heads up. It's in the wrong section.

thanks man diddnt even realize
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