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WVO vs Biodiesel??

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Ok no bs about this guy a once knew, he said yada yada. . . Do you or someone you directly know, run either of these systems? Why did you choose what you did? cost? difficulty of setup? Time investment in producing product? Issues youv'e had that can be traced directly to the alt fuel?(not "it has to be the fuel cause it didnt do it before" junk) What is involved in makin the fuel? potential dangers of ill fuel proccessing? Mileage results? Power? How long you had the system? How many miles? There guys on here makin both of these work. How? And make sure, if it aint in your sig, state your gen/year/ please. these have big influence on the end results. I want to do one of the systems on my 12v. I need solid founded info based on your own results please. Thanks in advance guys!!