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I think/hope this is the right section for this. I have a 03 DRW truck and would like to make it a SRW. I can find everything I need to make this happen but my hope is that someone here is looking to accomplish the opposite. I am not looking to sell, buy or take any money for this and if you have some stock wheels, I would ask the same. I am in the Fontana/Riverside CA area but will be heading to the Bay Area in mid October, Vegas in late October and back to So-Cal. If you're anywhere along the way we can make this happen in a few hours if I come to you. If you're in Fresno or Bakersfield I'm gonna need a tetanus shot beforehand (kidding)
I will post pictures later this week.

About the truck:
It is an 03 Ram 3500 4x4 DRW w/8' bed.

BED: Silver PS2 Paint Code
Both fenders are still attached and in great condition, no cracks or strange anomalies in the fiberglass. The bed is straight with no dents and other than dust scratches is in perfect shape. The tailgate area of the bed has surface rust that can probably be knocked off with a brillo pad. Bed has an Atwood Turnover Ball gooseneck attached and a plastic bedliner, both included. Tailgate is perfect and has the plastic liner on the inside and the clearance light. I think the tailgate is either from a different vehicle or the previous owner kept it in his garage because it is flawless.

Stock AAM 11.5 DRW 3.73 ratio. Banks diff cover w/temp sensor. I don't have the stock cover anymore or I'd be keeping this. Had fresh pads and rotors put on about 6-10k ago(I don't drive much)in March of 2020.

All 7 factory 17" steel painted black with 235/80r17 tires. 2 tires are new Cooper Discoverer AT3 with 1k on them. The tire in the spare well is flat and the other 4 will need replacing soon but hold air with no leaks and no wires. The 2 coopers are on the rear outer rims. All mounted rims have no wheel weights as I installed last week Centramatic balancers front and rear which will be included(truly the best $500 I ever spent). Front factory dually spacer will be included.

Ok so that's all I'm hoping to trade for:
-Ram 3rd Gen 8' bed in like or similar condition(same color preferred but not mandatory)
-AAM 11.5/Dana 80 SRW(3.73 definitely mandatory)
-5 factory wheels and tires but we can discuss it if they're aftermarket. Please, for the love of Baby Jesus, I don't want your F-boy 22s(neither do you).

If you would like to trade these I'm game but I will need to buy new u-bolts prior to and would expect the same courtesy.

NOTE: I am not in a hurry or desperate to get this done. I plan to buy 3 more tires before Thanksgiving and after I install ball joints I'm getting the last 2. Once I do that I'm pretty much gonna keep what's there unless some unicorn trade offer pops up.


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I might have what you want its white though. 714-655-7501
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