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Wtf!!!!!!!!!!!! No Front Brakes

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Ok guys. I don't no if this is the right section. Mods please move it its not. But I recetly replaced my front brakes. (everything). And its been fine for a while. Now all of a sudden. My brakes are slow going alway. I can tell its the fronts. Cuz my backs are working. The question is what is it. They come and go?? Thanks and sorry for the sloppy thread Andrew:confused013:
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possibly your master cylinder isnt holding pressure?
Or one of the combo valves for your abs is going bad but I would be its more your master isnt holding pressure unless you already replaced it
I bet its your master not holding pressure than unless the system leaks somewhere but youd probly see fluid on the ground
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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