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Wtf!!!!!!!!!!!! No Front Brakes

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Ok guys. I don't no if this is the right section. Mods please move it its not. But I recetly replaced my front brakes. (everything). And its been fine for a while. Now all of a sudden. My brakes are slow going alway. I can tell its the fronts. Cuz my backs are working. The question is what is it. They come and go?? Thanks and sorry for the sloppy thread Andrew:confused013:
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Did you force the old fluid from calipers back into MC?? Big cause of abs and MC issues.
Apparentlly the MC is bad now.
There are filters on the return side of the ISO cartridges on the ABS valve. If you have 4 wheel ABS it is impossible for debris or contaminants to make their way all the way to the master cylinder. Just FYI :thumbsup:
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