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WRECKED MY TRUCK how much to fix frame and front end?

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Long time reader but her goes- lost control in the rain the other night and hit a tree head on. Wasn't going that fast maybe 25 at most but damn it was bad. Airbags didnt go off and me and my girlfriend both had seatbelts on so luckily were ok. Got it home but my truck wow its f'd up and i DONT HAVE FULL COVERAGE:doh::doh:. Looks like the radiator and everything is pushed almost to the motor but nothing is leaking but i can see the frame is bent on the pass side. just wondering how much you guys think to do the framework i assume thats the first step and this will be out of pocket so i wont be able to get everything done at once. thanks in advance
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My guess is that the sheet metal will cost more than the frame work.

Check your area for a good frame shop, if you prep by pulling the bumper they may be able to get it straightened in a couple of shop hours.
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I figured the body work is gonna be real expensive i just want to make sure they can fix the frame before anything and from what ive read sounded like it would be a lot to fix it. the cab is also crooked a little bit but hopefully that has to do with the frame. good idea pulling the bumper i will do that
Check the back of the cab next to the bed on both sides to see if it hit the cab... a body guy will scare the crap out of you if he goes over it. Good luck with the fix though... I hate it when crap like that happens.
Cab didn't hit the bed and the gap is about 3/8 of an inch off. Just wondering if the frame looks fixable don't want to fix the truck and it go down the road sideways.
What did you say to your insurance company? Anything?

I ask because I hit a deer last year.

My comprehensive coverage covered it. My total bill was $8500 to the insurance company. But I only had to pay $250. I was told if I hit someone else or a fence or tree in your case then it would be a colision claim and I would have been out of luck. So if you have said anything yet file a police report saying you hit a moose or a cow some big animal and hopefully it will turn out the same for you as it did for me.
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unless the frame is way worse then the picture shows then yes it can be fixed and the frame time is goin to be more expensive then body work as far as per hour 75-85 an hr for frame 45-60 an hr for body work atleast thats the range here.. and i hope there was alot more damage then that in the pic if your bill was $8500 anyways good luck with getting it fixed if all else fails there is always the option of doin a frame swap
Yah both passenger side doors were kicked and had to be painted. Plus the A/c condenser had the be replaced.
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