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Worn Turbo? Wastegate? Whistling from Engine 02 3500

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02 3500 6speed 4x4

Recently I have been noticing a whistle or scream from the engine while normal driving on the highway. It starts and stops every time I push in the clutch and shift gears. Good air filter, messed with the turbo recently to check the play which feels tight. I don't feel any loss of power in the truck. No alarms or warning lights. Any ideas?

I do not have any extra gauges installed yet to monitor the accessories.

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boost leak, check all your connections going to and from turbo and intercooler. Start with the turbo connections since you recently had them apart.
I will do that first thanks
I was towing a pretty heavy load in my 99, had the same thing happen all of a sudden when I was at almost full boost in 5th, got back to my shop, and my waste gate actuator line blew off... still stock boost elbow and still had the original clamps from the factory on it, not sure why it did it but it whistled pretty loud. Could check that..
Sure enough, I changed out the thermostat last week. I had to loosen and adjust the clamp on the intake hose by the radiator drain. I didn't get the clamp tight enough and the intake hose slipped part way off.
Thanks for the assistance.

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