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WIY Bumpers.......

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My two new winter projects are found:

Road Rhino Bumpers:

Road Rhino Bumpers items - Get great deals on items on eBay Stores!

They do sell full, complete bumpers

But.............they also sell WIY Kits, as in weld it yourself!

The WIY rear bumpers are $300 and the front bumpers I think are $500

1/4" frame mounts and 3/16 plate for the bumpers

This way too, I can add some stuff and change some stuff, but all the large pieces are all cut to size and shape, ready for some welds

Right over the state line in to Illinois, about 30 minutes from my hose

This way I can chose to either powdercoat it or have it LineX'd
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got mine done finally, i painted it black right after this picture, just for now so it wasnt primer
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looks good, i made the over 1000 miles round trip to get mine this weekend and got it all welded now i just have to finish grinding, do those filler pieces below the outsides of the grille sit behind it? i'm kind of afraid of my grille hitting those since the sport grilles sit lower then the bottom of the headlights
they are close to it but most likely behind it, if they dont fit with your sport just cut them off
the problem is i wont get a chance to test fit it before i get it bedlined
can always use a grinder to cut them off, then use a spray can of bedliner to cover the edge
i could but i'm going with line-x and i'm sure you can understand if i dont want to gouge into that finish if i can avoid it
then cut it off could bolt a piece on from underneath or use diamond plate to fill any gaps.

i plan on making a diamond plate cover for the area over the winch
yea i dont much care for the big void between the headlights either
subscribing, gonna have to get a set of these here in a wile. after my check book recovers from the last spending spree.
subscribing, gonna have to get a set of these here in a wile. after my check book recovers from the last spending spree.
so the ups man was nice enough to drop a pair of these off :party018:
gonna get started on them but have to leave town for work so it will really pause things. Hope to complete them on my next break from work in a few weeks. if i make any progress before i leave i will post up some pictures
Just funished my bumper. fit like a glove.

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That rear bumper looks good as hell, love that line-X finish, nice job man...
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