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Wiring questions - Aux and/or 12v

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Hi all,
I've got a quick question. I have a 98 12v which has a 7-way in the bed and a 7-way on the factory hitch. All the lights work great, as does the trailer brakes plug (#2). i have no power to the 12v pin (#4) or to the center aux pin.

I am going to be towing my friends travel camper which has 12v battery power for lots of the interior lights. does the trailer charge through the #2 pin, or should I have power to #4 or the center? looking at the wires going in I have the flat 4 plus a thick Black, blue, yellow, and white wire... White I guess is a heavier ground, and i dont know about the rest... just want to make sure we are good to go as its winter and we are heading to canada with the trailer. thanks
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Black wire is the 12V positive from the truck battery. The center pin is for back up lights.
The diagram actually is correct. It is showing the plug from the back side. If you were connecting the wires to the plug this is the view you would want. To check the pins you are asking about, the 12v hot is at 1:00 and the brake feed is at 4:00. Keep in mind that some brake controlers can't be checked with a regular test light or meter.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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