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Wiring in a 6 pin Connector...Need some help!

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Okay, since mine didnt come with the standard 7 pin (it was removed by the previous owner aparently...) Im trying to figure out how to wire in this 6 pin instead (all the horse trailers I pull have this pin anyways) and I need a bit of help with it. I've got:
2 Black wires (grounds Id assume)
1 Purple
1 Orange and Black
1 light Blue
1 Red
1 Brown
1 Green and brown
as far as the wires go anyways....
There is no brake controller in the cab (as of yet) either...

SO, what wire does what?? The adapter pin is al labeled (except for the center) so I think I can figure that part out no problem...

I dont have much access to the net so if someone has a link to a page where i can find out...Drop the link please (gotta love smart phones!)
Thanks WELL in adance too for any help
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I would say your best bet would be to get a test light and start in! the center for your 6 pin is for a constant HOT wire. You should be able to do away w/ the Purple as I think that is the Reverse lights. tape it back (after you check to make sure it is)

I found this too!

Trailer Wire Post

try that out! there is a link to a diagram on that post as well!
The diagram is for a 7 way though...Id gather if I just tie in both grounds I should be good...Its the wire that goes to the electric brakes that I dont need since I dont have the controller box...
Right... but if you ever are gunna have a brake controller you may as well hook it up in the 6 way. then all you ahve to do is plug it in under the dash and you've got brakes back there!

the only thing you ignore on the 7 way is the back up wire!
I can vouch for the Cole-Hersee brand, as they have the letters on the black plastic inner plug, and you can buy the nice metal spring loaded receptacle, and the matching trailer plug -in, with the spring strain relief, in standard 6-pin configuration, you can also get the illustrations on-line, at Cole-Hersee.I standardized all three of my trailers,makes it so easy to hook up to!
Problem Was solved, I Found a Diagram for the 6 pin and we're all good...So I'm running the Flat 4 and the 6 pin...Since I've got two Seperate Trailers that I've been pullin' Lately...Just for the Grins~ Here's a couple pix ;)

This is the Small one

A Bit Bigger for a Stock Trailer

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Thats a lot of trailer to be pulling with no brakes.
For everybody's reference here is a link to all the different plug hookups as used by the makers of the trailers. Nice to have them on hand when needed. 7 way wiring diagram page
For everybody's reference here is a link to all the different plug hookups as used by the makers of the trailers. Nice to have them on hand when needed. 7 way wiring diagram page

NICE thanks for that! that will sure be usefull in some of the adventures I end up in!
get a brake controller! they are cheap
6-way fuses?

We misplaced our truck instruction book and we are having trouble with the 6-way--not working on right turn signal for either back of truck plug or bumper plug. Suspect a fuse, but don't know where they are. Any information out there to help us?
Thanks, Bill
fuses are in the left side of the dashboard, open the door, pull the plastic cover off, the fuses are identified, and you can see if one is burned without removing it. problem is all the lights on that circuit will also fail to work. It sounds like you may have squashed a wire under the chassis, (easy to do). Go on the Cole-Hersee sight for all the wiring variations, good luck!
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