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Wiring and speedometer issues, Update

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Good morning gang. Since last time I was here my D250 is running good. I do however have some problems still and cant find a clear cut answer online.

So my fuel gauge works, but when I start to move the truck it bounces HARD left to right. I know the gauge technically works because I added about 5 gallons of fuel to the tank and it went up. The dummy light for "low fuel" is on though.

The oil pressure(?) gauge is at zero and doesn't budge. The truck has oil.

I'm not 100% sure if the temp gauge works either, I haven't really let it run super long to get that hot. I did however put a new thermostat in because the old one was rusty and stuck shut.

The speedometer and odometer do not work either.

The dummy light for the parking brake and ABS both stay lit. I have messed with the connector by the e-brake and it appears to be intact, but when I move it by hand the dummy light gets a little dimmer.

My pawpaw had most of the dash apart and I really have no clue as to what all problems he was facing. He did have the red plug for the dummy light panel plugged into the gauge cluster, and the black gauge cluster plug just dangling. I'm gonna attach a couple pics of some plugs that I'm not sure about that were left unplugged with (seemingly) nowhere to plug into along with some loose wires just laying in the floor. And I have a picture of a little silver fella that gets HOT even when the truck isn't running. I have it unplugged because I don't want to walk outside to a burnt up truck. Also I am for some reason terrible at tracing wires. Its the one thing that absolutely overwhelms me.

Any help is appreciated.



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Look up how to read the date code on your tires. If they are delaminating they can cause very expensive damage.
I think it’s electronic because there was only electrical connections connecting to the cluster from what i could tell. But don’t quote me on that. I’m not even sure what a mechanical cable would look like tbh.

and @Rug_Trucker what kind of damage could they cause?
Trash and mangle your fenders, and inner fenders. Ever see a car tire explode? Steel belts tear the snot out of everything they touch.

I've blown car tires, and big truck tires.
Automotive tire Tire Automotive design Rim Font

Anything over 4 years old to me is iffy. I ran some Michelins all the way to Key West and back to TN that were 8 years old on my dually. I had a steer tire start bouncing like a basketball later that year. I got it home before it destroyed my fender. Replaced the fronts, Ran the rears for 2 more years. I got lucky.
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