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Wires thru a tow mirror?

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has anyone been successful at taking their tow mirrors off and running a wire thru them for LED lights? been trying that today with a vacuum and an air hose with a piece of far no luck.

I want to put LED light bulbs in the side mirrors for running lights without cutting into the factory harness...I thought this might be easy....but I might be wrong........
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when you say the front of the you mean the part that sits against the truck's door?
after some research yesterday...I found out what TXappraiser meant. the whole front of the tow mirror is on clipped and can be popped off to show the channel where all the wire from the turn signal and the power/heated mirrors run into the truck. I still had to remove the mirror from the truck, but only for about two minutes , so I could run the wires thru the weather proof foam and thru the metal of the door. was pretty easy. I can email pictures if anyone is interested....
just send me a pm with your email address and I'll send you the 5 pictures I took and a brief description.....
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