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Windshield squirter question?

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Have a 2018 2500 and squirter's have quit working. Hood jets do not appear to be plugged. When activated fluid dribbles out. Pump sounds like it is running but no flow. Will any model 18 pump work for replacement or does it have to be 2500 diesel? Dealer quoted $108+ for replacement pump. I'm thinking junkyard bottle and pump assembly which would make for an easier replacement. Anyone's thoughts on this?
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Looks like rockauto has the pumps pretty cheap.
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I have not had to replace a pump yet. But the pumps i looked up are for our trucks. Not universal parts. It looks like they have a plug in the bottom with a seal that passes through the tank with pump attached. The lower one is a Mopar.
I had access to mine a few weeks ago working on boost tubes. I think i remember the pump does in fact pass through the fluid tank. Take a look at your bottle. The driver side liner comes out easily if you cant get to it from the top. The Christmas tree clips are at Oreilly. I have broken so many i buy them by the 50 and 100 on Amazon.
The ford ones fit best but the chrysler ones are half the price. Then the amazon ones are cents per piece rather than dollars.
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Each package here was $5. One is Ford and one is Chrysler. The Ford package has two push pins. The Chrysler has five. They look the same and both work.
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Here are the Amazon pieces. They fit but the disc on the top is a little smaller. I may try another brand next time but they do fit and come with the tool.
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The 50 pieces here with tool were $8.96.
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Because i can only do one image per post.
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