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Windshield squirter question?

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Have a 2018 2500 and squirter's have quit working. Hood jets do not appear to be plugged. When activated fluid dribbles out. Pump sounds like it is running but no flow. Will any model 18 pump work for replacement or does it have to be 2500 diesel? Dealer quoted $108+ for replacement pump. I'm thinking junkyard bottle and pump assembly which would make for an easier replacement. Anyone's thoughts on this?
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Don"t think nozzles. Disconnected line mid way ran pump and very little water came out, quite sure it's the pump.
Trying to confirm as I only did a few minute quick look, doesn't the pump mount on the lower part of the tank, it looks like it is almost attached to the lower part of the tank? Where tha replacemnt pumps shown above look like almost inline pumps? not implying that it's wrong just looking to be steered to look in the right directionn to be able to replace it.
Thanks for the info so far. Also any suggestions on actually replacing it, easy way of course?
Thank you, very helpful. Now just have to get this 80 year old body to work on it.
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