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I am looking to mount a winch to a receiver on my 2016 2500 Cummins.
Any Suggestions?
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Rule for winch size is 1.5 x your vehicle weight on single line pull. Remember, when your stuck its not just your vehicle your pulling as a rolling load. Its all the crap/obstacles holding it down. Go with a 16.5k winch from a reputable manufacturer ( I like Superwinch, but Warn and Ramsey also make great products), this will make future servicing much easier.

Couple pointers from a long time Jeeper

1. Synthetic cable is awesome, easier to use, lighter and safer. Downside is it is many times more expensive, requires regular cleaning, should be covered from direct sunlight when not in use and must be replaced every few years.

2. Don't skimp on your power cables. As mentioned above, use a breaker, or better yet buy a ready made kit designed for the load.

3. You can drain your battery while your truck is running!

4. Learn how to do maintenance on your winch, especially the brake, having that fail when your line is holding a load can kill someone.

5. If you use steel cable, be sure to stretch it before first use and grease it regularly to help longevity.


7. Spend some money on a good winch equipment kit or build your own. D-ring shackles, snatch block, tree saver, gloves, etc.

8. Don't shock load a winch, they make snatch straps for a reason.
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