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Will the 2010 have a Stabilitrak like function that will impede lifting it?

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Hi all -
I'm new here and coming from my beloved Chevy roots (Chevy fan for as long as I can remember). I was set to pull the trigger on a new LMM (Silverado 2500 Duramax/Ally). However I've been bitten by the 2010 RAM 2500 (so sexy!). As much as it pains me to wait (too excited to get a new truck...thanks to the wifey) to see what happens...I think I will.

For the '09 LMM's there is an issue with it's stabilitrak when lifting the truck. those with as small as a 4" lift are causing it to turn on (which is a major PITA). Currently there is no fix for that.

I'm learning what I can about the RAMs and was wondering if there are any issues similar to the Chevys in regards to stability/tracton control and lifting.

Thanks much for the input!
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The 2010 Ram Hd's will have some form of stability control that will be somewhat like that used on the 2007 and up Wrangler JK's. It hasn't stopped them from lifting the Jeeps. Hopefully there will be a way to turn it down or off like on my 07 Wrangler. I know that some of the suspension manufacturers are already looking at making their Dodge lifts compliant for the 2010's
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