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will it break??????????

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i have a brand new 1 1/4 input shaft in my truck after i broke the other one. i want to pull at indy ...... will it hold or what do you guys think?:lol3:
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with the tires you have on the truck, it realy depends on the track. If its a realy sticky track, you might get enough traction to wrap the axels. If its a loose track, you should be fine.

Im thinking you will be ok, but I dont want a phone call saturday! But if you do break, and if you ask nice enough, we have a 25 ft goose neck to tow ya back home. Just look for my truck in the pits and feel free to stop by and say hi!
35 front and 45 rear. Thats on a duely, but should still be in the same ball park. See ya there!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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