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will i need water meth

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Ok so i have an 01 auto(goerands low stall triple disc) 3.55 gears 33 inch tires. Air dog 165 and edge jwa. planning on 150 injectors and 62 65 12. really wanting to stick to 65 for quick spooling. My question is will i need water meth for towing?
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I ran that same set up for over 2 years but with 35's.
I could tow very easily with the juice turned down to 1 and 2.
BUT... All my towing was around town, still some steep hills but nothing over 40 mph on em, and trailers ranged between 5-10 k, so not extremely heavy either.

I don't think you'll need water meth though, I think you'll be ok with chip settings and your right foot for the most part.
truck is mostly a daily driver but i do have a 33 ft toy hauler i pull in the summer. any one got any input on the 63 65 14 vs 62 65 12?
If you really wanna be sure you'll have the air, I'd go with 63/68/12. The 12cm exhaust housing will keep spool up a little quicker while the 63/68 will flow a good amount of air and will still run great with the fuel your planning on.
I have pretty much that exact setup without water meth and I can tell you when I have any kind of weight on it EGT's go through the roof. Mind you I also live at 10k feet and WOT its hard to spool past 30 psi here. That being said I have towed a 42 foot horse trailer loaded to the max at sea level and never saw egts over 1200 at 75 mph. So I would say it depends on where you live. If your as high or even close to what I am. Water meth wouldn't hurt.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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