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will I miss out on an order

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I've been trying to order a 14 aisin srw since late oct. My dealer is checking every few days. I just called him Monday, no answer, Tuesday, no answer I finally got him on the phone today, he said he hadn't checked since last week he's with a customer and he'll check in the morning.

Here's why im still there.... 1 the have my old truck and I'm quite happy with the trade in offer. 2) the dealer is getting me the employee plan. 3) its quite a drive and I'm afraid to go get my truck and not get a decent trade in elsewhere.

Seems he would be checking every morning or so. Can't tell me a new car sales guy is always that busy
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I think its a friends and family discount that he is referring too. You fill out and sign a form on delivery of the vehicle

I guess what I would do is just get in contact with the new car manager and discuss the situation with him to get the low down on the truck. They have district managers that they can call and chew out about production stock ect.

I hope this helps!
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