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will I miss out on an order

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I've been trying to order a 14 aisin srw since late oct. My dealer is checking every few days. I just called him Monday, no answer, Tuesday, no answer I finally got him on the phone today, he said he hadn't checked since last week he's with a customer and he'll check in the morning.

Here's why im still there.... 1 the have my old truck and I'm quite happy with the trade in offer. 2) the dealer is getting me the employee plan. 3) its quite a drive and I'm afraid to go get my truck and not get a decent trade in elsewhere.

Seems he would be checking every morning or so. Can't tell me a new car sales guy is always that busy
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Well, if he thought much of you as a customer, you would have thought he wouldn't have left you hanging for several day's and you're the one who had to do all the calling....sounds like a jerk....

How's he getting you "employee discount"? Just curious....I get it and know how it works, thus the reason I ask.
Think very carefully before you answer that "question" on a public forum.:rof
Why don't you help him search for a vehicle. Go to this site 2014 Ram 3500 - Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks and look for a truck to your specifications. Tell your dealer about the truck and have him contact the other dealer. They might be able to work out a dealer to dealer trade.

My local dealers (4 of them) looked all over the states for a truck to my liking. The one who worked the hardest said that he would look again in 3 weeks (not acceptable). I went to the above listed site the next day, opened the search area to 200 miles (I think that is air miles) and found my truck the next day. Contacted the selling dealer, got a price and drove to their dealership the next day and drove my new RAM home. It was 265 road miles.
It's certainly worth a try.
ABSOLUTELY, that's exactly how we are driving our "new" 2013. We did the leg work and found the truck we wanted, and then arranged to pick it up at the Dealer 500+ miles away, (for a thorough test drive,:thumbsup:) and drive it to the Dealer we purchased it from. We put time and effort into this purchase, but really wanted to be more a part of what we were investing in this time.

And, I really wanted to "ring" this HO, Aisin combination out before I put my name on the line. The test drive included very low Mountain temperature cold start with no block heater, 200 miles in 50 foot visibility snow storm, just a great set of circumstances to "test" the truck.

Honestly, it really was quite simple, I did give the Dealer a $500.00 deposit, which I thought was more than fair, and we have flexible time schedules, but well worth the effort to get into this vehicle. In all, from starting the leg work to find the Truck "WE" wanted and having the vehicle sitting in the driveway, 10 days. We drove to Afton, WY on a Sunday, stayed overnight, drove the vehicle to Cheyenne on Monday and the Dealer in Denver, on Tuesday, sitting in our driveway Tuesday night. :party018:
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