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Wierd oil smell

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I changed my oil today and drove the truck about 30 miles, i got out of the truck before it shut down and noticed the exhaust smelled really wierd, like it was very sweet. I had changed my oil with rottela t heavy duty oil but it did not say on the front that it was diesel oil. On the back it said it was good for most heavy duty diesel engines including Cummins and CAT. When i took i oil filler cap off the engine it smelled like it was sweet, almost like biodiesel. Did i use the wrong oil and should i be worried???
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I've been running that oil for about 20k miles havent noticed any smell but it seems to be good oil especially for the price.
The truck runs good without any noticable differance so ill just keep an eye on my guages. Im glad im not the only one putting it in my truck. I got it for 11 bucks a gallon at Wally World, i like the price, how often you change your oil?
mine did that when I first got it, all i can figure is it wasn't the oil it was used to. cleared up eventually.
I can't remember the post topic, but this was discussed in another post where this was deemed normal right after an oil change. I have noticed this as well and have searched the truck extensively for leaks and have come up with nothing.
Rotella always had that smell for a hundred miles or so after an oil change.
I tried finding that thread but came up short, the search button said the word "oil" was too short:confused013: Thanks for the input guys, this is the first time ive used this oil so i wont worry. :thumbsup:
my 2 cents

I have heard about this phenomenon as well. It's been called "Rose-smella" by some folks! BTW, I use that oil as well, it's great stuff. I change mine out at around 7500 miles.
Thats a good one:hehe: Ive put about 200 miles on the truck since the oil change and it seems to be smelling less, i guess its just getting used to my engine. Or that its telling me i dont have enough horsepower:lol4:
Rotella is all I have used for years, and I get that "sweet" smell also right after an oil change. Actually come to like it matter of fact. I don't think you'll have any problems whatsoever, Rotella is an excellent product.
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