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This last one said: The can result in transmission fluid being expelled from the dipstick tube, which may come in contact with ignition sources within the engine compartment and cause a fire without warning. Transmission Dipstick.
I'm not towing any time soon so I'm not worried about it but will keep my eyes on it, I've also been told CEL will come on before ATF is pushed out the fill tube, IIRC out of the many thousands of trucks in this recall about a dozen or so have reported a fire and have not read of any that totaled the truck, my local FCA SA said ( my SA also owns a diesel truck involved in this recall) if your currently not showing any signs of a problem then most likely your not going to have a problem... Also if your really worried you can keep the dash screen set to the trans temp that way if it gets to high you can pull over to check on it..
1 - 2 of 93 Posts