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OK, who's got it?

Couple times now i have seen it, but i have never been in a position to try and talk with the owner. Think i saw it sitting at scheels one day as i drove by running late for something and once it drove by me while i was out for a run near my home in harrisburg(wasnt going to catch it on foot).

Its a brown club cab with a topper. I think it had black custom bumbers front and back and black after market wheels. Pretty sure it had a CB antenna also. Never got close enough to know for sure if it was a 12v or 24v.

Either way, it is AWESOME! Way to go you. Hope mine looks half as good when its done. Figured anyone that built that truck must be on here. I would love to pick your ear about the trucks and see what else you've done to it if you where so inclined. You might remember me, i'm the jogger who whipped around spasticly and then careened myself into the ditch @ss over tea kettle as you drove by earlier this summer. lol
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