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White trucks with Aftermarket Rims: PICS:

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Hey I wanna by rims for my White truck but I dont know which ones. Can I see some pics of some aftermarket rims on some white or light colored trucks. THANKS!!! :yourock:
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hey, i can't really see my tires on here but i have the 20x10 wide rockstars with 33x12.50 terra grapplers on mine. you can look at my myspace profile: - Justin - 21 - Male - HUDSON, Kentucky - and go to my pictures and you should see some of the truck with my almunium wheels on and then now with the rockstars. some ppl don't like them but i've had alot of compliments on them. its also got a leveling kit because even though my 33x12.50 on my other rims where same rim width and all, these rubbed pretty bad. hope this helps ya some!
have a good one!
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