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white smoke on startup

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Hello, I just had my prv replaced and my injectors were replaced last year but i just had them tested and they are all perfect. Now I am experiencing a LOT of white smoke on startup. I also noticed when i was under it the other day it appears to be blowing a little raw fuel out of somewhere. I havent been able to pinpoint it yet. Any ideas?
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When did you test the injectors? Now?

Check the oil for fuel.

Do you smell raw diesel?
Where from?
Check the tube that might have some oil dripping from it on the drivers side under the truck mid engine front to back. About a 3/4 inch tube.

See if the fuel filter canister lid is leaking.

How much white smoke? 3 seconds or a minute?
Does the smoke smell like raw diesel?
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The injectors were tested about 500 to 1000 miles ago. I don't appear to be making any oil although i haven't had it tested. I do smell raw diesel and it seems to be coming from somewhere around the rail (it is above the breather tube) which was my first guess but i have been watching it and there is not any blow by. I guess i have not checked the fuel filter canister. I would say the smoke lasts closer to a minute than 3 seconds.
take of the oil cap and put it upside down on the hole. Flat ground.

If the diesel smell from the bay is not coming from breather hose and filter on top leaking or blowby hose on bottom which would both say fuel in oil then it's leaking raw diesel and you can see it if you look. Check filter and injector tubes.

You might video the smoke.
Is your battery voltage showing 14?
What temperature was it outside when you saw this white smoke? And how long did the truck sit
it's been about 20 degrees sitting for about a day.
Totally normal. White smoke just means that it's so cold that some of the fuel is not burning... whereas black smoke is a sign of incomplete combustion (caused by lack of adequate air).
In the scenario that you describe its completely normal. Not an issue of burning oil.
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