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There will be some pictures posted soon of that truck LOLOLOLOLOL. He was at the Turbo Diesel & Electric dyno yesterday.

A 6" stack for an exhaust sticking out 2ft from the truck and a air filter sticking out from under the front of the truck, it looked ridiculous.

It only dynoed 400hp and change.... nothing special about it.
He had twin turbos on that truck also. For some reason he did not want to turn up the smarty to get a max hp reading. I dont know why he dynoed. Maybe to just show off the smoke. The truck definatly looked different. I would not have the air induction located there (can't see how he drives in the rain), but it's pretty cool that there is people out there trying different things to see what can do to improve performance.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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