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whistle under highboost

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I bought my 01 24v a few months back Im a trucker so I havent put more then a few hundred miles on her. Under high boost I hear a whistle (not turbo whistle) almost sounds like a constant door ajar warning buzzer. It sounds like its coming from the driver side ac vent. I don;t see any damage to any off the intake boots or intercooler. It dosent really sound like a boost leak either any ideas???
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Check for a boost leak. I swore I had a leak under the dash and it turned out to be a leaking intake gasket where the factory fuel filter used to reside. Search for "boost leak" or "leak test" and you'll find a lot of info. Good luck!
any suggestions on how to look for a boost leak
I'm short on time right now, but use the 'search' button and you'll find tons of info here.
check your intercooler boots! the ones at the bottom of the intercooler are bad about rubbing on the inner fender and slicing a hole in them!
any suggestions on how to look for a boost leak
Ive got the same annoying whistle, let me know if you find it. I havent had time to build a pressure test to look for it. Short version is unhook from the turbo outlet and from the intake side. Block one off and make a plug with a valve stem on it so you can pressurize the thing and listen for leaks.

soapy water always comes in handy for finding them as well.
intake gasket near or behind the lift pump. check all of the bolts on the intake.
you running a boost gauge? if so check the tube that hooks to the back of the gauge. i had a noise like that and it ended up being the tube. it popped off :lol4:
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