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I'm trying to chase down a problem, I thought it was the power steering pump so looking through some YT videos, but still not sure. I'm definitely hearing a low pitch whining noise that seems to be heard from inside, not outside, and changes pitch level with the rpms while driving, mostly heard when I accelerate from a stop. I can heard the same noise sometimes almost a full lock off-roading, but not normal driving. I have a 2016 RAM 3500 with 80k miles on it. It has a 3 inch Carli suspension with 2.5 pintop King shocks and 37 inch tires. I'm guessing the power steering pump my be starting to show end of life signs. I've seen videos where the Teflon tube inside the line works it way out of the line, but I don't hear a hissing sound, like in the videos. I've never flushed the power steering fluid. What's the normal life expectancy of the power steering pump? I've been thinking of having a PSC hydraulic assist installed and it my pump is going bad to just do it all at once.

hoping others with similar experiences will chime in. Thanks
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