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Which Turbo? Which Injectors?

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I am looking at adding 150hp injectors and was wondering which ones offer the most bang for the bucks?

I am also turbo shopping a little
I was looking at some of PDR's turbos (the hx35or40), the BD super B , and maybe a garrett if they make one small enough.

Obviously i would also need to add at least a 4" exhaust to the mix as well. Probably a FBD one.

What size turbo would appropriate (not twins) for that setup that is gonna aid in towing and fun factor?

what do the numbers mean? 62-66mm?

#/#/# ?

Any idea what the rough HP numbers will be that (and the stuff in my sig)

Thanks for helping this diesel newbie
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with 150's and the juice, i'd go for a 62/14

and i think the FBD, or coaltrains are the way to go on the 150's and for power you should hit mid- high 400's easily
the 62- 66 is the size of the compressor housing, basically hoe large the "cold" side housing is. the bigger the housing, the more CFM it will flow efficiently.
62 is the housing
is 14 the inlet size?
14 is Exhaust Housing. 62 is Compressor
yeah, so a 12cm exh. housing will spool faster than a 14, but will have higher egt's, and more drive pressure, cuz it is more restrictive for the exhaust to get out. it's all a toss up, you have to scrifice somewhere. but with the setup you're looking at, you need some serious egt controll. i hit 1600* with my 150's and adr real quick. i'm actually gonna get a 64 on mine. but if you go bigger you get more lag. and more smoke tryin to spool it
so whats the third number everyone always throws out there?
it's the wheel size
in my book the indusrial injection silver 64, or an HTT 64/14 is the best turbo's to get. the garrets are really nice too, but i don't know alot about them.
62/71/14 would be a quick spooling turbo that would handle those injectors.

62mm compressor wheel/71mm turbine/14cm exhaust housing

If your looking at the garretts, you would want the stage 2 or 3
im running the super b and i now wish i had got the special...dont get me wrong, the b work great, but it does get a lil warm with comp/smarty stack and big injectors...just my $.02
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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