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Which should I buy

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Hey guys. New here and looking to buy a ram 3500. I've researched to the point my brain is numb. I'm looking for a new business truck, I run a landscaping company. It will be my own personal business truck so I dont mind nicer interior. Reason for the 3500 is my Chevy 2500 6.0 is undergunned with my 14k dump trailer.

So I've found 2 trucks I like. A 2011 Laramie mega cab and 2014 tradesman. Both 3500 ofcourse.

The 11 is at 115k miles and 34k Seems real clean. Was listed as commercially registered so I'm guessing was someone in my shoes prior...the bosses truck. It appears to be all factory and unmolested. I like that, mine to modified and maybe not abused by others. It has the rails in bed under the tonneau but no 5er. I bel ou eve this one has the 68rfe trans

Clean carfax, open recall on transmission lock pin?

The 2014 tradesman has a gooseneck in the bed and a toolbox. Aftermarket radio, local truck. Sits currently at 130k for 32k. That's what concerns me bought and sold local. Traded in in Feb at 95k at a honda dealership. Then sold at auction in April, listed as dealer vehicle, the listed for sale this month at 130k. Then 9/22 on car fax reports fails state inspection. Call dealer (independent) they say ball joints were bad. Replaced and now car fax says passed inspection. Also carfax show damage report in 2015 but gives no details, just not an accident. This truck has the same open recall as the 11. I believe this trick has the aisin trans

So I know the 14 has def and coil springs and the 11 does not. The 11 has more reasonable mileage for year and more bells and whistles, nicer for the family and I did the mega cab. Bed size doesn't bother me so long as its 6ft min.

What's really bothering me on the 14 is the 30k miles in 5 months then a failed inspection. Am I overthinking this? Which truck is better?

Thanks in advance guys. Driving 2hr tomorrow to look and test drive.
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