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Dont really where to put this but here goes.

I am wanting to know how well a 90's chevy would hold up to my cummins. Is there a way to make the front end hold up to sled pulling???? That or how about an 80's ford f-2/350 4x4 reg. cab

I'm thinking that if I get this job i was just invited to interview for I will be buying a commuter car and starting a cummins swap all toy/fun/weekend driver project. I love how the chevys ride and drive as I owned one ('92 1/2 Ton) But I jsut have a soft spot for a clean looking eairly 80's fords (1st truck) I think one of those would be sweet with buckets and utility interior well glam utility LOL

So what ya think? I would be putting my 97 cummins and trans in it or maybe finding a NV4500 for ease but I love my Dave G auto!
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