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How to read Turbo Compressor Maps : Subaru tuning : Nissan GTR tuning : Mitsubishi Tuning : EcuFlash tuning : EFILive :

That maps shows the 366 to flow a maximum of 75 pounds per minute at a pressure ratio of 3.8.

(3.8 -1) = 2.8 x 14 PSI = about 40 PSI of boost. I used 14 PSI for the turbo inlet pressure. If you live at a higher elevation or run a constricted filter, it will be lower.

If you try to flow more than that or that much at a higher pressure, it will go out of the map.

At lower flow rates it has a pressure ratio of 4.8, which is (4.8 -1) x 14 PSI = over 50 PSI of boost.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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