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Where to buy silicone intercooler hoses? Looking for alternative to the dealer.

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I noticed that on my '95 2500 that the silicone boost hose that attatches to the inlet of my intercooler has been rubbing on the inner fender lip for the last 14 years and has basiclly cut it. So I am loosing boost. The hose in question is a silicone molded hose. Approx 3.25" ID on one side and 3.75" ID on the other.

I went to the dealer and they wanted $177. I am looking for an alternative. $177 is insane :banghead: Does anybody sell these aftermarket? I called Napa and they can't get them. Any aftermarket performance companies sell any of these hoses. I can get generic boost hose at work. We buy it by the foot and have a large selection. I brought a few peices home today and took it apart but did not realize the hose is bigger on one side than the other. Now that I know the sizes I may be able to come up with something at work but if not I need an alternative to $177 at the dealer.
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try Geno's ?
Wondering the same thing, actually looking to upgrade to a bigger boots so I can run bigger pipe
Mr. Bob's Distributing offers them.
Holy crap, you should be able to pick up a complete boot and clamp kit for that price!

I have seen them at alot of diesel performance websites. One recent one that comes to mind is PDR
PDR offers them
I got a set of the peak, they arre very stiff and tight to get on. They sell just that one or the whole kit.Intercooler Boot & Clamp Kit 94-02 Dodge
I buy them here PDR Diesel Performance
Thanks for all the links guys. While waiting for replies I did a quick google search and came up with a few other retailers. I found this one. Silicone hose kits for Dodge Trucks. Silicone Boot Replacements.

Anybody ever heard of them. Or even better used them? The price is very good. Seems to be decent? I am really not worried about max psi as I am just running a stock HX 35 and don't see making anymore than 40psi of boost. I have yet to get a boost pressure gauge but I am guessing that would be the most I would see out of a HX35.
Be careful on internet hoses,many are imprted from China.In silicone hoses the reinforcing thread count and size is important not just the thickness of the hose material.
Google search Intercooler Boots
Mr. Bobs boots the the sh!t. I have friends that run them and they have hit over 100 psi for there boost many time with them and they have worked great.
same thing with mine fender cut a little hole in it and I am losing alittle bit of boost from it.
I have heard of people using Marine exhaust hose, like for boat exhaust? anyone had any?
that is some thick stuff there
yeah but it looks good and its cheap. as long as you get the right size it shouldn't be a problem. and its about $20 for a foot of the 4 inch stuff. the stuff I saw today was bright blue. you could get 2 or 3 couplings out of a foot of hose
I have heard of people using Marine exhaust hose, like for boat exhaust? anyone had any?
Sort of hard to use hose because some of the boots are a different diameter on one end vs the other.
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