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where to buy -20 fluid for water/meth in SA?

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Where is a fella supposed to get some -20 here in san antonio.The lowest anyone has here is 0.
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Probably Amazon. I have been toying with the idea of running a Snow kit on my 11. How do you like yours?
I just bought a five gallon pale from vp of straight meth that I am going to mix with distilled water. Trucks been off the road but hopefully ill see what it can do tonight.
works pretty well, scared myself with it a few times. Its a 50/50 mixture roughly, and it did a pretty hard backfire in 3rd gear, but now i have it set to come on at 25 and full by 40 psi. boost went up to 60 lbs on stock bolts. Came back to the garage and had a big wet spot under my truck. Looked like oil in the low light but it was diesel from my fuel filter head...
Sounds stupid, but I have been told by a shop that installs the snow system that some windshield washer fluids have methanol in them and that some are almost the perfect mix. I live far from any speed shop and don't like ordering liquids off the internet, that's why they suggested the washer fluid. Not exactly sure which ones, but just check the label.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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