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Wheels 8x6.5 or 8x170?

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dumb question, i found web sites that say 8x6.5 and 8x170? what do i have, im sure i have 8x6.5 but i just want to make sure:confused013:
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8x6.5 is dodge....8x170 is 99 up superduty fords.
8-6.5 is also GM
thats what i thaught, thanks guys:thumbsup:
8x6.5 and 8x165.1 are one in the same, in metric and standard measurments.

8x170 as stated previously, is the ford 8 lug pattern
Guys there are two diff 8x6,5 one has center bore 122mm another 115mm
As far as I know.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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