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whats wrong with my truck??

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well my truck has been acting a little screwy lately. One day i went to go shut it off and i had the key out and it was still running and i had to dump the clutch just to get it turned off. And it wasnt anything to do with my cool down timer with my attitude as i have never used it and it was off. It sat that day for 7 hours and when i drove home it had absolutely no power at all would only build about 3 psi of boost. At that time there were no codes and the check engine light wasnt on. Well when i got it home i disconnected the battery cables and put them back on and everything was fine for a week or so until i was driving again and now it wont build any boost at all sometimes...but other times it will be fine. Im getting a 1693 code and heres what i came up...The companion engine control module has shown a fault?? Can anyone help me out on whats wrong. Thanks!
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anyone have a clue??
I am not sure...just a bump, but I am going to watch this B/C I have a friends truck doing the same thing...:thumbsup
Try taking the juice off and see if that helps.

The 1693 code is a generic code and usually doesn't mean anything. You can go and have it pulled at autozone.
Haven't gone too deep on this, but there should be a solenoid that holds the fuel lever closed on the VP44, and allows the engine to shut down. Once the engine is stopped, a timer dumps the solenoid, and allows the lever to go back to the run position, ready for you to start the truck.

Hows the solenoid doing? If its bad or disconnected, the truck won't shut off.
i dont know if this is the same thing or not but one of our gasser work trucks would do that. in fact it would start by itself too sometimes. we came to find out that it was a bad computer and they also said the dash panel was bad:coocoo i dont know how the dash panel could cause that but......
or maybe your truck has demons :w::lol3:
well it would only not shut off the one time and its the only time its ever done i dont think its the solenoid i just think it was like a one time deal
Sounds like your talking about the fuel shutoff solenoid on a 12v. A VP doesn't have that, at least not one that you can fiddle with.
so what would cause my truck not to build any boost at certain times??
Might be the juice screwing with something. Disconnect all of the connections and return the truck to stock and see if that helps.
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