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Whats there to do in franklin columbus area??

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I work pretty much all the time, i dont get off til 1130 so truck pulls are out unless i have the weekend off. so whats there to do in between columbus and franklin. i work in columbus and live in franklin, and goin to the bars stopped being fun when i turned 21. wheres everyone hang out at? and where do them punk a$$ ricer kids pow wow at.
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why id stomp it. i got me some 370s that way i smoke like a train and lube my cylinder walls at the same
fine but since diesel fuel is oil based ill be doin both. lol
i dont need my truck to whoop on him ill just beat his scrawny a$$ next time i see him. either that or turn the 4 year old on him.
Just let me know like i said i get off at 1115pm everday 7 days a week.
i can meet yall friday where did ya wanna meet at?
1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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