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Whats there to do in franklin columbus area??

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I work pretty much all the time, i dont get off til 1130 so truck pulls are out unless i have the weekend off. so whats there to do in between columbus and franklin. i work in columbus and live in franklin, and goin to the bars stopped being fun when i turned 21. wheres everyone hang out at? and where do them punk a$$ ricer kids pow wow at.
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im through franklin every thursday and sunday, dont ryan pick on ya hes just jelous that our little 6cyl will whop up on his big bad v-8 :peelout jk
the high school kids dont hang out like we did, im only 20 but we sat around in the parking lot behind the square in scottsburg. went to seymour from time to time....we all ought meet up one evening and show the ricers whats up lol
feer the deer.....i want to see the 6.7 ive test drove a couple, but never got to ride in one with some mods.......:peelout
what about friday around noon-12ish....i gotta drop off a pt pump at interstate injection in seymour and then meet a guy in edinburg thats buyin my rims and cant make fun of my turtle top though i gotta pick up a campershell for my uncle thursday and i doubt ill have time to take it off :lol3:
i want to see your juice with atd, im lookin in to gettin one....
ill be in cloumbas around noon tomorow, i dont have your number but if ya want give me a call 812 595 6573 i have to get something else, i just sold my comp and it dont have the go that im used to lol
im fixin to head out, ill be around columbus most of the day. if yall want i guess give me a call.
1 - 7 of 26 Posts
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