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Whats there to do in franklin columbus area??

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I work pretty much all the time, i dont get off til 1130 so truck pulls are out unless i have the weekend off. so whats there to do in between columbus and franklin. i work in columbus and live in franklin, and goin to the bars stopped being fun when i turned 21. wheres everyone hang out at? and where do them punk a$$ ricer kids pow wow at.
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come up to indy on the weekends.. lots of fun out on 31 and some nice hangouts around town.. and i havent ran a new 6.7 yet but havent lost to a cummins j/k it would be nice to see some more diesel guys around...
if you guys are coming up just come up 31 to greenwood and usually everyone is up and down there from greenwood to downtown... i should have my new turbo in by friday so i can actually get use out of the injectors
sure, just give me a call, i live right off of exit 64 by the walesboro cummins plant,

do you know a kid named josh w/ a purple 24v that lives around there? and also tyler w/ a black CR w/ the TNT sticker on the back?
yes i do know them both, im actually working on that purple 24 valve this weekend. Why?
they came up not to long ago to do some running around and ran a couple of times... nice trucks
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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