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whats the best air intake?

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i was thinking of goin with the afe stage 2, but i was wondering what u guys thinks? is there really a difference any more besides a few HP's hear and there..
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I have the AFE Stage-2 and love it. Take your time installing it, it's a tight fit.

this will be a GOOD thread:popcorn::thumbsup:

i say a AFE Dry Flow that'll fit the stock tube along with a outer wears pre filter:)
I like the AFE ProDry for an open element Filter. If your looking for a Sealed System then go with a S&B Intake.
whats the difference between the AFE ProDry and the regular AFE
I would say S&B but that is just my opinion
i love my S&B and my roomate loves his AFE. i think the only difference is he doesn't have to oil his dry flow filter. but his also cost about 120$ more than mine so take you pick as to what you like best
I just installed an afe oiled drop in that flows a lot of air, I was gonna go with the afe dry but somebody with a lot of knowledge told me to go with the pro5 and I might try this
ya could always do an AFE dry flow drop in and do this to the stock box:thumbsup:
Scotty II!! But unfortunatly they don't make em any more
:ditto: yep basically what the airbox mod does
Scotty II!! But unfortunatly they don't make em any more
Bring back the ScottyII:party018:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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