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whats it worth?

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found an 04 laramie quad cab 4x4 short bed with 238000 miles and a bad motor, truck is in good condition no accidents. what is a reasonable price needing the motor replaced?
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Expect to spend $3k+ on a rebuild

What is "Bad" about the current motor?

I believe a Jasper remain long block is $7K+
Why are buying a new motor? Did it explode? Why not rebuild? These can be rebuilt for "cheap"

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look at what you can buy a running lower mileage truck and subtract from there. Remember that this was a neglected truck to have a bad engine at this mileage. Also consider that if the engine had a major failure that it could have done damage to the transfer case and transmission. Also maybe the rear went and took out the rest of the drivetrain. Remember that when you buy this truck it will not be on the road quickly and all repairs are cash money. If you find a good used truck you can usually find a way to finance it
$15k if it ran and drove
at least $5k less with bad engine. Cant test drive to see any other issues
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