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whats it worth 2003 2500 QCSB 6 speed

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Hi All,

I'm Wondering what this truck is worth.

2003 2500 4x4 QCSB HO cummins 6 speed with 4:10's, ST base truck with roll up windows and vinyl floors. 60k miles. No rust on body but there is scratches. Frame, transmission and oil pan are showing rust frame looks mostly just surface. All stock.

KBB says between 19,900 and 21,600 but it seems every cummins i see listed for sale is asking more than book.

thanks for any info on the value
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Well i picked it up for a little under 16k after all tax/reg/ fees yes CT taxes suck. I was looking all over the country for one and would have been willing to fly in and drive home for a deal. It just always seemed that anything reasonable was sold in a day of being posted. Is there a way to tell if it's been "hotshotted"? After cleaning it up the dash does look to good to have been a work truck.

It's not perfect it needs a new bumper/tailgate and probably a new oil pan sooner than latter which does not sound fun to swap. But after seeing everything else out there in the NorthEast I think it was a good deal especially if the miles are true.

And holly crap after putting just a tow tune on I can't believe I'm this late to the diesel game. Towing with this will not be a problem for anything i have.

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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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