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:flag1:I need help I have a 1992 Cab -n- 1/2 2wd 5 speed 175000 miles I would like to make it a 4WD. Which direction should I head . Thanks
If I was going for basically stock/mild 4x4, I would find a W250/350 donor truck and start swapping. All the parts in one shot, plus extras you can keep for spares, or sell off.

Also, there's Jungle's HD spring hangers over at RCC:
Jungle's HD Dodge componets - Dodge Ram, Ramcharger, Cummins, Jeep, Durango, Power Wagon, Trailduster, all Mopar Truck & SUV Owners. Dodgeram

Of course, you can take it much further if you want. NV4500 or 6 speed from a newer Dodge.... a '85-91 Ford D60 (high-pinion kingpin) with coils and radius arms ought to ride nice. :drool2:
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