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What will work on first gen?

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Will a stock turbo off of a 2nd gen 24v fit on a 1st gen intercooled 12v?
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Yes he351 or hx35 or hx40 or any of the aftermarket turbo's will fit some you will have to change down pipe to make work .
Okay thank you! How much could you sell a stock turbo for off a 1st gen?
If your Lucky $150-200 buck's but a warning before you go throwing part's at your truck Get some gauges so you can watch how hot it is getting in the Exhaust .
Yeah I have gauges right now that were in the truck we I bought it but they aren't very good so I'm gonna buy some better ones.
watch out for those chinese knockoffs on ebay.they say hx35 but there not holset.
Yeah I heard that from a buddy!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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