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what width of a tired on a dually 6" wheel?

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hey guys i got a 99 dually its got a 3" body lift in it and sum sort of sky jacker kit but i havnt figured out yet what size it is the truck is pretty big but its got 235's on the stock wheels right now. im looking at getting a set of rockstars that are 6" wide. my question is what kind of 315 tire do i need to run? i found the tired i want to run i think they are a 315/75 16. my bud ran them on is 3/4 ton on a 10" wheel and they were really wide. the guy at the tire shop and him are consered the tires will b to wide for a 6" wheel. so can i run these tires or do i need to find like a 60 wide tire. or what do u guys run or have u seen run?
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anybody got any input im about ready to buy tires and still dont kno what size spacer and how wide of a tire i need
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