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what tuner for 6.7??

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I just bought a 2007 Dodge 2500 6.7 Cummins. Which is the best tuner and programmer to put on it? Will it fully delete the EGR or is there something else I will have to do?
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EFI Live is the best because it's impossible to leave a footprint, and it's a very clean system...And it is infinitely adjustable and upgradable. It allows you to turn sensors on or off in your ECM and factory tune, and you can rework your stock tune to make however much power you want. If you are not familiar with tuning a vehicle, I'd suggest having a professional write you a tune for your truck, so you don't blow anything up.

H&S is now doing custom tuning for their tuners, sort of like EFI Live, but you always have to have the tuner plugged in for it to be working, however, it does give you a nice set of digital gauges to read.

Smarty is always a classic, and they are great tuners, you can't go wrong with them. They're more of a "box-tuner" that is not a custom tuned setup, you just use the generic smarty tunes that are available for it.

All 3 of the above mentioned will let you do full deletes without having to leave any parts of the EGR system or use any type of SIMs or simulator plugs or anything like that.
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Don't forget RaceMe..:beer
Use ^^^^^ to get your EFI Live!!! I just did this on my truck and I am estatic with the results and customer service.
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Efi x5. Cleanest most economical set up. But then again I have a friend running a Blackmaxx and he's quite happy with it.
EFI LIVE Far and Away! Had BULLYDOG before deletes. EFI smoother, better. The delete friendly tuners, from what I have seen, are way to expensive. MY $.02..
What about bully dog? I have heard great things bout them too.
which would be the best one without breaking my bank account?
BULLYDOG does not support deletes. I ran mine on my stock exhaust for almost 50K miles until the tail pipe started turning black, then after lots of research here, I did the deletes and went EFI LIVE. Very satisfied. I think BULLYDOG makes racing tunes, but you have to have a RACE TRUCK for off road only and you have to prove it. I had my BULLYDOG on Performance and it made good power, but again, my opinion, EFI is the best.
What about bully dog? I have heard great things bout them too.
You're in the 6.7 Cummins world now...You can forget anything and everything BullyDog or Banks.

Trust me on this.
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Bullydog should not even be looked at one a 6.7. Sounds like EFI Live is the best option for you without breaking the bank.
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Efi live better and cheaper
Go with efi live . I just got mine last week from anarchy diesel . Its way better than my smarty. Truck runs smoother and I got an increase in fuel milage.:shock:
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Yeah I'm def seeing an increase in fuel mileage. I wanna run a few tanks out though and hand calc them all.
Im in the same boat of Finding a tuner and kind of quick.... DPF is clogged so the truck is parked. I have dual 5 inch exhaust ready to go on i just need a tuner for the deletes at this point (aspa)... I have efi live on my duramax and love it .. but not sure who im going through on the cummins yet .. all i really need is the tune files . Kind of disappointing there is no way to do on the fly switching of tunes not that its a huge deal but ... anyway Any suggestions on who to go through ? or anyway got a file that could get me on the road for now ? Was hoping to build the trans before I really gave it to much power..
You have a V2 with cummins software or how are you going to load the tune?
I have an autocal
Not seeing our last posts they disappeared. Your autocal is linked to whoever the tunes are from unless you have it unlinked. Also, going to need another vin license and need to be reconfigured for your cummins.
so Basiclly my autocal i have is not usefull unless i go with the same people
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